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Policies and Rules

  • Policy for no-shows/late cancellations: All sessions should be canceled with more than 24 hours notice of the start time (excluding emergencies). The first late cancellation will result in a refund and warning while any subsequent no-shows or late cancellations will not result in a refund. The tutor also reserves the right to refuse service after the third late cancellation. Whether to refund or reschedule a no-show is left to the discretion of the tutor. No-shows/late cancellations made during finals week will not result in a refund.

  • Payment: Sessions booked by students/parents are now paid for at the time of booking with either a credit or debit card. Since they add a 2.9% + $0.30 fee per transaction, the prices are adjusted to account for this. Any sessions not paid for at the time of booking (e.g. when the tutor books the session from their end) are paid via invoice. 

  • After-hours tutoring policy for David's services: David's tutoring hours are M-F from 9 AM - 6 PM. If a student requests a session outside of these times, it is at David's discretion to approve the session. Please note that any after-hours sessions will be priced at 1.5X David's typical rate, the standard for overtime pay. 

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